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He’s a Tasmanian Devil!  We’re not…

He’s a Tasmanian Devil!  We’re not his friends!  We’re his diet!


Jean Tasmanian Devil: [as Taz is covering his eyes] Taz, what are you doing up there?
Taz: Taz try to stay as far away from big water as Taz can.


Taz: Taz no baby! Taz big!
Molly Tasmanian Devil: Yeah, big baby.

Taz, I’m not really a morning poison, so…

Taz, I’m not really a morning poison, so could you keep it down to a dull…roar?

Food, glorious food!

Food, glorious food!

Taz hate job… Taz hate shopping……

Taz hate job… Taz hate shopping…Taz hate New York in June.  How about you?


Bushwhacker Bob: [in a deleted scene] Well done, Taz! I’m so pleased with, I’m going to give you a wage raise.
Taz: Thank you very much!
Bob: …Well, perhaps not all year, but maybe something like a Christmas bonus.
Bob: …Well, perhaps not actual money, but something else like a box of chocolates.
Bob: …A chocolate.
Bob: …After I’ve had a nibble of it myself.

Choco cake!  Choco cake!  Eat so much you get …

Choco cake!  Choco cake!  Eat so much you get a tummy ache!


Bugs: Ball!
Taz: Ball!
Bugs: Good! Bounce the ball!
Taz: Bounce ball!
Bugs: Good! Banana! Banana!
Taz: Banana!
Bugs: Very good!
Taz: Bounce banana!
Bugs: No!
Daffy: I hope the next item isn’t a hand grenade.


Bugs: Taz just can’t help himself.
Daffy: Are you kidding me? He helps himsthelf to everything that’s not nailed down or on fire!