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Happy 123rd Birthday Ben “Bugs” Hardaway (1895…

The guy who gave his nickname to Bugs Bunny, directed two cartoons (along with Cal Dalton) with the prototype Bugs (or Happy Rabbit) and Chuck Jones directed a couple of more as well (though, like many of his shorts during that period, they were quite Disney-equse). Ben, along with Cal Dalton, were given a directional position after Friz Freleng left Warners to MGM for a short while (due to their lavish budgets and salary), and Ben decided to “put a rabbit suit on Daffy Duck”. 

After he left Warners, due to Freleng’s return, he went to Walter Lantz and created Woody Woodpecker. 


A wonderful interview of some of the lesser known directors at Warner Bros/Leon Schlesinger’s 🙂

Happy 101th Birthday Martha Sigall


One of my fav/the best female animators 🙂