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Bun Bun, this is the gold pot, at the end of t…

Bun Bun, this is the gold pot, at the end of the storm…thing… cloud!


Lola: Don’t let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you will become.
Bugs: Lola that’s beautiful.
Lola: Yeah that dear Abby really knows what she’s talking about.


Bugs: What are you doing?
Lola: Watching you sleep.


Penelope: This smell is worse than Pepe’s puke after he ate a bad bowl of bodualistic boulia base in a boat in a bay by the beach which he bought from a bad boy named Bobby.
Lola: Is he the big brother of Sally who sells seashells by the sea shore?


Bugs: That woman? Do you know why I sat with her? Because she reminded me of you.
Lola: Really?
Bugs: Of course, that’s why I’m sitting here with you. Because you remind me of you. Your eyes, your throat, your lips! Everything about you reminds me of you. Except you. How do you account for that? If she figures that one out, she’s good!

rugdog: Some storyboards for “President’s Day…


Some storyboards for “President’s Day” by Jessica L. Borutski


Bugs: Lola, you were wonderful!
[kisses Lola]
Lola: I was?
Bugs: You was!


Lola: Journeys alone are always so tedious, don’t you find? Especially when they are long.
Bugs: Will this be a long joiney?
Lola: That all depends. But I do think it will seem shorter if there are two of us… don’t you?
Bugs: I hope it will not seem too short.

There’s more than one chest of value in …

There’s more than one chest of value in these waters!


Lola: I can’t lie to the man I love!
Daffy: Yes, you can, it’s very easy.