One day, Harry Warner and all the Warner Bros….

One day, Harry Warner and all the Warner Bros. people came out to meet over lunch with the cartoon directors. So we all set down, and harry Warner came in and sat down and we were all introduced. Harry says, “Ah, what do we make? I know we make Mickey Mouse, but what other things do we make?”. He really didn’t know. Cartoons for him were just something that went on in the back lot. He was more interested in the features, you know? He had bigger things on his mind than that. And when he thought of Mickey Mouse he figured, well, cartoons are Mickey Mouse, or something. I don’t know whether he really didn’t know or whether he just said that because it was supposed to be a funny joke. But I believe it was through ignorance of what animation was at that time. It was all new to them and it was just a by-product.