Cadet: Th-th-there’s no escape, Dodgers!
Duck Dodgers: What are we going to do?
Cadet: W-w-well, you’re the b-b-b-brave one. M-m-maybe you should fight him.
Dodgers: Me? Fight him? Have you flipped?
Cadet: B-b-but earlier today, you said you were th-th-three times as brave as El Toro.
Dodgers: Well, I thought we were talking about a different El Toro.
Cadet: And then after that, you said you weren’t afraid of n-n-nobody or nothing. Remember?
Dodgers: Did I sthay that?
Cadet: And then l-l-l-l-l-later, after that, you said that you were b-b-b-born brave, and I was just born. And then…
Dodgers: All right! I’ll sthave us!