Daffy: Have I ever given you one reason not to trust me?
Porky: N-n-no.
Daffy: All right…
Porky: Y-y-you’ve given me a hu-a hu-a th-th-thousand reasons!
Daffy: Name one.
Porky: You t-t-talked me into wearing p-p-pantyhose, you talked me into tickling that poli-poli-the cop, you talked me into getting b-b-b-bat mitzvahed …
Daffy: Hey, it’s bar mitzvahed!
Porky: Y-y-you talked me into drinking f-f-fish grease …
Daffy: Ugggghhhh!
Porky: Y-y-you talked me into s-s-selling my kidney, you talked me into g-g-gluing myself to the train. R-r-remember that?
Daffy: Oh yeah, you ran pretty fast.
Porky: I h-h-had to!